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New Website!

2D Educational animation, 5 fun wizards riding a dragon. Character animation
BBC Phonics Wizards by Tentacle Media

We have a new website! A new site built on a new platform that should hopefully make it faster and more stable.

We've kept it simple, the perfect place to show off our animations. Why not browse our portfolio and see the myriad of visual delights we've produced over the last few years from our studio here in the West Midlands.

Film Festivals!

Speaking of the Midlands, we are excited to be taking part in East Vs West Midlands Showcase Animation festival on the 6th of May. We are representing the West and fingers crossed we help to lead it to victory!

Stop motion animation, mixed media, 2d animation, short film
Exhibit - A, award winning Tentacle Media original stop motion film

Our short film supported by BFI Network Midlands has been lucky enough to have been selected for a number of festivals around the world so there are plenty of opportunities to catch it in the coming weeks.

Animated Documentaries Call Out!

2D character animation, CBeebies series, illustration, animated TV Series
CBeebies Melody, animation by Tentacle Media

We are on the lookout for documentary makers with ideas for animated documentaries. This is an area we've wanted to try our hand at for a number of years but the right project has never come up. We believe animation has a unique ability to deliver impactful documentaries on complex topics in an accessible and engaging way. So if you have an idea that you think would only work in animation, get in touch!


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